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Empowering discovery with massively parallel microscopy.

Accelerate Discoveries in Living, Breathing Systems

Imagine seeing an enormous field of visual data in a matter of seconds, at microscopic resolution - no information lost, less time in the lab. This is Ramona’s product.

Our Multi-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM™) is the first gigapixel microscope that can capture cellular-level detail synchronously over hundreds of square centimeters. We combine an array of image sensors and custom-designed lenses with structured illumination and machine learning software to release researchers and industry experts from the limitations of traditional optics.

For labs looking to make the most of high-througput assays, Ramona’s MCAM™ is a solution for behavioral research, cell screening, and beyond.

High Throughput

Why settle for one well at a time? Our massively parallel system lets you capture and analyze the entire well plate at once. Make every second count.


Compatible with any well plate and optimized for your lab bench, the MCAM™ features intuitive software that simplifies assay setup. Easily integrate it into your existing workflow or automated work cell for a truly streamlined experience.


Shaped by assays and workflows familiar to researchers, our built-in analysis tools leverage deep learning algorithms for deeper phenotypic insights. Get actionable intelligence, not just data, straight from your microscope.

Trusted By

  • National Institute of Health
  • Duke university
  • NC state university
  • UCSF School of University
  • Oregon state university
  • West virginia
  • Harvard university
  • Tufts University
  • McLean
  • Northwestern University
  • AgBiome
  • Devcom
  • INRS
  • Corestemchemon
  • Universita Di Milano
  • UFZ
  • NSF logo
  • Cal
  • Mayo

Our Technology

Inspired by the assays and workflows biologists use every day, our Multi-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM™) perfectly echoes multi-well plates.

Each system contains a synchronized sensor array, a powerful hand-built processor, and dedicated viewing and analysis software — all in a compact benchtop microscope.

Whether you're researching small model organisms or conducting cell screening, our technology bridges the gap between field of view and resolution, providing faster answers to your critical questions.

  • Cellular-scale resolution
    1μm - 10μm
  • Large field-of-view
    120mm x 80mm
  • Dynamic frame rate
    up to 340 fps
  • High Speed Data Transfer
    8 Gigapixels/sec (64Gb/sec)
  • Integrated Modalities
    transmission, reflection, fluorescence (Vis, IR, UV)
  • Built-in Analysis
    extract insights from your data with a suite of algorithms
Field of view

Focus On the Biology, Not the Microscopy

  • Expanded Field of View

    For the first time, see cellular-level detail across a large field of view without sacrificing resolution.
  • Accelerated Throughput

    With data transfer rates of up to 64Gb / sec, accelerate throughput in the lab and on the factory floor.
  • Integrated Illumination

    Dual illumination means uniform coverage in transmission and reflection. We offer multimodal imaging across brightfield, IR, fluorescence, and more.
  • Ease Of Use

    Our hardware is robust, compact and easy to use. With our intuitive software, anyone in the lab can learn the Ramona system in minutes.
  • Faster Analysis

    Real-time processing and advanced analysis tools can be used for everything from tracking and segmentation to classification.
  • Open API

    Our developer-friendly toolset and open API allow you to develop custom assays, easily integrate with automation equipment, and build analytical workflows.
Our interdisciplinary team combines deep expertise in computer architecture, optics, computational microscopy, computer vision, machine learning, and industrial design.
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