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Our Goal

High-throughput optical microscopy is transforming the science of modern biology — from genetics to drug discovery to synthetic biology. It is rapidly improving efficiency and opening up new possibilities across a wide range of applications.

But scientists today are fundamentally constrained by the limited perspective of traditional microscopes.

As field-of-view increases, resolution decreases. Yet modern biology requires an ability to capture precise data across larger areas and at multiple points in time to understand dynamic systems and reduce costs by accelerating tedious workflows.

Microscopy also has a data problem. Image data is incredibly large, but much of what’s captured is irrelevant negative space. Parsing through the data for insights is time-consuming and expensive.

We’re on a mission to expand the field-of-view for researchers, startups, and industry while preserving resolution and streamlining automated workflows.


Recent publications, aided by Ramona technology.
  • Nature Photonics, March 2023

    Parallelized computational 3D video microscopy of freely moving organisms at multiple gigapixels per second

    This article demonstrates how wide-field-of-view microscopy with Ramona’s multi-camera array microscope (MCAM) can resolve three-dimensional information at high speed and spatial resolution. It then shows how this technology can serve as a powerful tool for studying the behavior of freely moving organisms, such as ants, fruit flies, and zebrafish larvae.
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  • Elife, December 2022

    Gigapixel imaging with a novel multi-camera array microscope

    This paper details how Ramona’s multi-camera array microscope (MCAM) enables comprehensive high-resolution recording from multiple spatial scales simultaneously, ranging from cellular-scale structures to large-group behavioral dynamics. This allows researchers to observe the behavior and fine anatomical features of numerous freely moving model organisms on multiple spatial scales, including larval zebrafish, fruit flies, nematodes, carpenter ants, and slime mold.
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  • Optica, August 2021

    High throughput acquisition and analysis of bacterial colony features using gigapixel microscopy

    This paper details how Ramona’s multi-camera array microscope (MCAM) can quantify morphological features in bacterial colonies across multi-well plates. It shows how the system can be used to augment high-throughput assays by synchronously capturing valuable phenotypic information throughout an acquisition and analysis pipeline.
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  • Optica, February 2023

    Imaging across multiple spatial scales with the multi-camera array microscope

    This publication presents results from three unique MCAM configurations for different use cases. These configurations include simultaneous capture with 3D object depth estimation, continuous video capture at high resolution over a large field of view, and a high-resolution configuration to produce 9.8 GP composites of large histopathology specimens.
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Our Team

Based in the heart of the Research Triangle, our interdisciplinary team combines deep expertise in computer architecture, optics, computational microscopy, computer vision, machine learning, and industrial design.
  • Roarke
Horstmeyer, PhD

    Roarke Horstmeyer, PhD

  • Mark
Harfouche, PhD

    Mark Harfouche, PhD

    Embedded Systems
  • Gregor

    Gregor Horstmeyer

  • Margaret

    Margaret Aery

  • Aurélien
Bègue, PhD

    Aurélien Bègue, PhD

  • Paul

    Paul Reamey

  • Audrey

    Audrey Barcus

  • Veton

    Veton Saliu

    Embedded Systems
  • Clay 

    Clay Dugo

    Software Developer
  • Ron
Appel, PhD

    Ron Appel, PhD

    Computer Vision
  • Jed

    Jed Doman

    Computer Vision
  • John

    John Efromson

    Computer Vision
  • Natalie

    Natalie Alvarez

  • Shreya

    Shreya Hurli

  • Pratik

    Pratik Bokadia

  • Jack

    Jack Bechtel

  • Wayne Zierk

    Wayne Zierk

  • Kelly Pittman, PhD

    Kelly Pittman, PhD


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