A New Way to Capture High Resolution Images Over a Large Area


Current microscopes can’t form images at high resolution over an area larger than a few square centimeters, which fundamentally limits what we’re able to see and how quickly we’re able to see it. At Ramona Optics, we’re changing the way we look at the world by combining machine learning with novel optics to reinvent what’s possible with a microscope.

Ramona’s Micro-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM) is the first gigapixel microscope that can capture cellular-level detail over hundreds of square centimeters.


Novel Features



By combining an array of image sensors, custom-designed lenses, structured lighting, and machine learning software, we’ve created a computational microscope capable of large field-of-view, high resolution imaging for the first time.

Cellular Resolution.png

Cellular Scale Resolution

3 - 10 µm

Our arrayed optics approach allows the MCAM to achieve 3-10 µm snapshot resolution without any scanning or moving parts.

Field of View.png

Expanded Field of View

10 x 12 cm

A larger viewing area allows the MCAM to see macro-changes of micro subjects and enables much more efficient imaging of large objects.

Machine Learning.png

Integrated Machine Learning

up to 10 fps

Customizable FPGA firmware allows for high throughput data processing and increased overall system efficiency by orders of magnitude.