Wide-Ranging Applications



Biomedical Imaging

Capturing cellular-scale resolution over an entire petri dish

The MCAM’s unprecedented resolution and field-of-view combination frees researchers from the limitations of classical optics. Its multi-aperture architecture opens up new new possibilities for high-throughput, non-invasive imaging of the motion, behavior and activity of unconstrained organisms in three dimensions.

For high-throughput imaging applications, such as digital pathology, cell culture analysis and fluorescent screening, the MCAM can also help save time, reduce cost and improve overall system performance.



Automated Inspection

Faster, more accurate inspection

The MCAM can capture microscopic detail from across nearly one square foot of area without using any moving parts.

In combination with new types of sample illumination and novel machine learning techniques used to process the acquired image data, the MCAM can push automated visual inspection to new levels of performance. By increasing efficiency, the MCAM has the potential to benefit a wide range of applications from semiconductors and printed circuit boards to electronic components and material inspection.



Art Authentication

Eradicating fraud from the art world

All physical objects, including paintings and other works of art, have microscopic “fingerprints.” Using multispectral gigapixel 3D imaging, the MCAM can capture, analyze and securely store tens of gigapixels of object-specific data for subsequent analysis.

Because the MCAM efficiently captures more details than any other microscope, it can also provide greater confidence in an object’s unique signature. Low resolution scans are easily fooled by facsimiles, but by analyzing features smaller than 10 μm, the MCAM can defeat constantly evolving 3D printing technologies.